Image Color Analysis Tool

An image tool for color clustering based on K-means.

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You can get the last version from Release page or download from Mathworks File Exchanges .


Double click on Image Color Analysis Tool.mlappinstall to install the application, and you can find it in Matlab>App.

Image Color Analysis Tool


1. Open image

ClickFile>Open to select a image.

2. Set color number

Click Analysis>Set Cluster Number to set cluster number for k-means clustering.

3. Analysis

Click Analysis>Run to start analysis the color distribution.

4. Result View

There are three panes:

  • Origin: the image you import.
  • Cluster: the image after k-means clustering.
  • Color Hist: the histogram of main colors in image.

You can adjust Cluster Number by comparing the image between Origin and Cluster.


Also, the color number in Color Histogram can be adjust by the slider.

Color Histogram

5. Others

Other features:

  • File>Save>Cluster Image: Export the cluster image.
  • File>Save>Color Hist Image: Export the figure of color histogram.

Source Code